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$50 Forex No Deposit Bonus and 30% Deposit Bonus – NewForex

$50 Forex No Deposit Bonus and 30% Deposit Bonus – NewForex

$50 Forex No Deposit Bonus On Your Live Trading Account. Open live trading account Fill out a simple registration form and get $ 50 to the account as a gift!  We give 30% Forex Deposit Bonus for every deposit without restrictions! Do you want a $50? $100? $1000 bonus! Easy! Choose the bonus size which you will get.

Link:  $50 Forex No Deposit Bonus and 30% Deposit Bonus

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    Dear NewForex Clients and Partners,

    NewForex company informs you about the extension of its promotions. The promotion «Welcome» is prolonged till December 31, 2015. To take part in this program, it is required to register a real trading account on NewForex website and you get $50 as a bonus!

    The promotion «30% Bonus on every deposit» is extended till December 31, 2015 as well. Participate in this promotion from NewForex and receive a 30% bonus for every deposit of the trading account. If you already take part in our promotions, we will be glad to continue a successful collaboration with you.

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    Dear NewForex Clients and Partners,

    NewForex company informs you about the extension of its promotions. The promotion «Welcome» is prolonged till April 31, 2016. To take part in this program, it is required to register a real trading account on NewForex website and you get $50 as a bonus!

    The promotion «30% Bonus on every deposit» is extended till April 31, 2016 as well. Participate in this promotion from NewForex and receive a 30% bonus for every deposit of the trading account. If you already take part in our promotions, we will be glad to continue a successful collaboration with you.

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    Sensible broker, trade at MT4. Good trading conditions. They often have promotions and competitions.

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    I’m profoundly grateful to careful and responsive professionals for their invaluable help! Coming to newforex knowing nothing 3 months ago,
    now I begin to understand cobwebs of this wonderful world called Forex. Thank you for opening this world and its infinite possibilities. I wish you
    prosperity for many years to come!

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    I work with newforex for 3 months, good spread, smart support service, their no-deposit bonus is good.

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    My trading account is 7567774. I feel comfortable with Newforex, it makes me rich. I earn up to $2000 a month. Although I always restrict
    my losses in trading. When I open a position I set a protection limiting the highest possible loss in a trade. In Metatrader I set Stop Loss before
    opening a position. If rate changes, I change Stop Loss. This is the way I control my losses and advise you to do the same.

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    Hi to everybody! I heard about making money in forex but didn’t believe that people can really earn there. Two months I was searching for work. My friend advised to start trading, said it’s quite profitable. She advised me NewForex, she trades there herself. For two weeks I analazed the market, studied charts, practised on demo accounts. When it went well, I deposited 280$. I set stop-loss because I didn’t want to lose all money. Now I have stable income around 20 dollars a day. All this time clients support helped me in case of questions. They almost taught me to trade. I want to say thank you for this!

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    I’ve joined New Forex relatively recently. But for this few months, I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve attended many webinars. Besides, I got to know how to predict future price movements and analyze the current situation in the market. Now I recommend New Forex to all my friends. Thank you, New Forex.

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    New Forex has good service and good to talk with the team always available to help even if I am always calling with the questions. I have asked my two colleagues to trade with this broker and will recommend to other trader.

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    I work with NewForex for 8 months. Good support, low spread, withdrawals in time. When I signed up I took part in the promotion Welcome and got immediately $50. This bonus gives a chance to test a broker in real trading conditions. I withdrew my bonus in 2 months. Trading was cool))) All really liked this bonus program and now I take part in bonus 30% for the deposit. I really boost my balance with it.

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    I prefer to trade with advisors, so newforex is ideal for me in this respect. The company allows traders to use them. A nice benefit is that you can use not only advisors but also take part in promotions. They carry out regular promotions. With one you get 50 bucks on the account, another offer % for deposit from 30 to 100%. So it means that if I deposit my account I can also get a bonus. It’s really easy to earn with newforex, the main thing is to use your head. I use my bonus and make around 1000 greenbacks.

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    got to know the company one years ago. I really like InstaForex coaches because they tell simply about mistakes and share their own trading experience.
    May all raise good profit!

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      Hello! Your review has nothing to do with NewForex. Please, don’t confuse visitors of the website.

      Best regards,
      Anna Mon, NewForex spokesperson

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    With newforex i’m since autumn, in Forex for 6 years. My account number is 7297626. I can say that if you get into positve cycle, in short terms you can boost your deposit well. In 2 weeks I withdraw very good sum. On real Grade account I made 1100bucks in 3 weeks. Personally I think that NewForex is a good broker. I checked it. I used thair bonus Welcome with benefit. This is real money deposited on your account. It increases your total amount of deposit. Very comfy. I’ve earned like this 5000$ in a month and withdraw it.

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    I’m very content that I opened an account here. Conditions here are the best I think. I like their bonus system and competitions for traders. Not all brokers offer it. When I opened here I didn’t accually rely on their bonus. But finally decided to take it. And it wasn’t a mistake. I trade at NewForex for 3 months and close to working out the first bonus, no-deposit. When I signed up I got $50. I gained and deposited my 1570 bucks. Now my balance is $3670, I think I’ll order withdrawal soon.

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    I’m glad I found New Forex I’ve traded with them for a year after some bad experiences elsewhere. I like the strong leverage and charting and in this market only one click execution can make sense or you loose the trade all together… I’d recommend them.

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    I read reviews about NewForex. Many people praise their welcome bonus. But I think it’s not the main about the broker. For trader it’s important not hw much money is given to you but what trading conditions are provided. So talking to the point … NewForex is my third company and I can compare with others. For me conditions are acceptable – fast platform, orders executed without delays, helpful support. Up to now I like this company. I have a real account, last week I deposited 270 bucks and boosted to 385.

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    I was remember when I started trade using marketiva with free $5. Its too small no deposit bonus and trade without metatrader and still using streamster. Now using metatrader with free fund for real trade from this broker with amount $50 is really amazing. We as newbie trader really appreciate with this program, both loses or profit of this no deposit bonus can be withdraw.its the main of my reason to use this broker and also its Best EXECUTION order make me stay to make money here

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    Newforex broker was awarded the best execution, ShowFx World in 2015, so there is no doubt trading with this broker, we would be well served, our transaction will be executed very quickly, so we can get the price we want

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      I’m a scalper and feel comfortable doing trading with broker Newforex, because the execution is very fast. With the speed of execution, then reqoute can be minimized, so that we could enter the market smoothly

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    This is great offer from Newforex. First time I do trading forex I’m still remember with marketiva that give me only $5. Now by the time running, there are $50 offer. This is great opportunity for all trader who want to start trading but still didn’t have money to invest. By using this offer you can learn forex, you can try to make money through forex and start your journey in forex trading from now

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    I have been working with NEW FOREX broker since last year. They giving me a n excellent service. I haven’t got any SLIPPAGE problem with them and also no any withdrawal problems too. they could withdraw profits to skrill account within an hour. I hope to continue with this broker further and can be recommended to others as well.

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    I invested into trading in NewForex and don’t regret about it. Decent broker, good regulator. I came to the company because of bonus, 50$ attracted me. I didn’t plan to stay here long, just wanted to test platform but broker turned out to be good. Nice and polite support, helped with verification, explain everything clearly, are not rude. Trading conditions are acceptable, fast execution and surprisingly low spread. I always trade carefully, don’t want to risk much. I trade since October. On every trade I set TP and SL, executed on time. My profit is around 20%. I withdrew via visa small and big amounts (withdrew twice 2000$). Everything is ok, get money during a day. About other systems can’t say anything I didn’t test them.

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    Positive : – Low spread – Fast Execution – Easy Deposit and Withdraw – Nice Platform – I make profit with this broker.NEW FOREX

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    Hello. I use a Newforex service. The company has convenient conditions for trading, for example, the Newforex provides various options of leverage, it’s possible to open a swap-free account. Trading process always takes place without delay, everything works without problems, the company allows you to trade safely. It’s important for me.

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    Hello. I trade with a Newforex. It’s a reliable company with good service. Newforex tries to provide all conditions for trade. The company often organizes various promotions for clients and offers a variety of different bonus programs. I use a 30% bonus on every deposit, always get additional money to trade, it’s very convenient. Newforex is a very good brokerage company.

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    i’m very happy with NEW FOREX. on of the legit broker in the world. EXNESS is honest for any types of withdrawal. thank you NEW FOREX.

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    I trade with NewForex for 7 months. My account number is 7071387. I was interested in the action “Welcome”. I started with trading on bonus funds. I traded 240$ and deposited my own money. I always turn to the personal manager when I have any questions. I am very satisfied with Newforex company and its trading conditions.

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    Six months ago I came to the NewForex. I saw their ads on Facebook when I was looking for an opportunity to earn in the Internet. I registered on the site. I test a few systems.I chose the trade at the races prices of currency pairs . I joined the first Deposit for 100 bucks, made a deal with a profit of about 10. The next day I lost 30, then another 10. Then I learned and all was OK. I think that is important good luck and right strategy. Now I have 300 bucks a week. Broker does not affect your good fortune, but provides a good trading conditions. NewForex company is doing well. They have instant execution, fast withdrawal, trading server works without lags.

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    I use a Newforex service for a five months. It’s a normal brokerage company, like it. Withdrawal is fast, the last withdrawal took 2 days. I really like the opportunity to get a no deposit bonus, 50 dollars which can be immediately used for trading. Now per month I earn 400-500 dollars. The Newforex company works well, very good service.

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    Very good experience so far in terms of how orders work and how they support on verification. Withdrawal also went pretty fast. It’s a good offer if not the best in the market now. I’ll see how they perform further on but first three months passed and I feel good about this brokerage.

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    I traded with many brokerage company, now I trade with a Newforex. The company has a large selection of tools for trading many currency pairs of options, there are metals. You can choose between two options accounts, the dollar or cent account, and to trade as you comfortably. I use 30% bonus on every deposit, very convenient option. Last month I earned 1300 dollars, within one day I got money. Reliable company.

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    I have a good impression with the broker Newforex, there is a $ 50 bonus in real accounts, rapid execution, there is a market analysis of the experts who petrified us in understanding the forex market conditions

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    I use a Newforex service, I like it. Conditions of trade are very comfortable, many currency pairs, you can choose of two types of accounts, dollar or cent. I used a no deposit bonus 50 dollars, it’s a real money that can be used for trading. Last time I withdraw 200 dollars, it took place without any problems, in 3 days got my money without any commisions. Newforex is reliable company.

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    Bonuses, in this Newforex broker, make me can trade in a real account with capital of $ 50 bonus, and if we uses our own money capital will get 30% bonus that adds to our trading margin. After trading at brokerage Newforex, I was impressed with the speed of execution is satisfactory

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    Trading on this broker very very exciting. Why?? it is really fast execution broker and I also never hear about any complain for this broker. I’m totaly love trading di Newforex.

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    I trade in the Forex market not for a long time. I had the problems with other brokers before. Now i trade with NewForex company. In the first place I was attracted by low fixed spread, leverage from 1:100 to 1:1000, a dollar “new grade” and a cent “first stream” accounts, different promotions and a possibility to use an advisor. I had no problems with MT4, orders execution is instant. The support is fine, helps with everything.

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    I think that NewForex has very good trading conditions. Spread always fixed and doesn’t change after opening the deals, trading terminal works well, orders are executed correctly and at time. There are many currency pairs also metals. If I have some questions I ask to support, they always help me to understand how I can solve my problems. I think that this company is a good choice for those who want to earn.

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    Hello. I trade with a Newforex. This is a good company with a convenient trading conditions. The NewForex doesn’t annoy calls and requests to update your account, etc. You can trade with a small sum of money. For trade I use a cent account First stream, and this month I earned 400 dollars. Sometimes I call to support. Every time they help me to get answers to my questions.

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    I trade with NewForex company for 2 years. I trust this company. I have an opportunity to earn working with it. Withdrawal is fast. In average I withdraw $200 – $300 every two weeks. I trade on a dollar account New grade. The terminal works fine, spread is low, support is good.

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    If you want to get a small salary increase, the affiliate program – this is what you need. Now there are plenty of opportunities. You can create a free website / blog or website with a minimum monthly fee for hosting. I take just a few affiliate programs. But as for reliability – I can recommend to become Introducing Broker in NewForex. The number of referrals and number of clicks on the affiliate link or banner are displayed in detail in your partnership cabinet. By the way, all the necessary materials are available. You will also receive three account in euros, dollars and rubles. You can get a reward as commission, which is charged at a rate of 1.5 points from each transaction of your referral. Also an advantage is the absence of restrictions on the size of the commission, the minimum number of customers, frequency of payments, which are used by other brokerage firms. I have this program well untwisted and for six months I earned 566 dollars.

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