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55% Bonus to All New and Existing Customers – NordFX

55% Bonus to All New and Existing Customers – NordFX

55% Deposit Bonus Promotion to All New and Existing Customers. 55% Deposit Bonus Promotion is provided for deposits from $100 to $8,000 or more.

Link:  55% Deposit Bonus Promotion 2015

Available to: All new and existing accounts

Bonus offer: 55% Deposit Bonus Promotion to All New and Existing Customers.


The customer can receive the bonus only once and only for one account.

If the customer has several accounts, the bonus can be obtained only for one of them.

Only one bonus can be received for one IP address. If the bonus is granted for two (or more) accounts opened from one IP, the bonus amount will be debited from all accounts except the account for which the bonus was first requested.

An internal transfer between accounts is not considered to be a deposit. Hence, the bonus claim cannot be submitted for a deposit made by internal transfer.

The 55% Bonus promotion is intended only for “Micro” and “Standard” accounts on МТ4. The offer does not extend to “Standard-MT5,” “ZuluTrade,” “Welcome!”, “Account 1:1000,” “MT-ECN,” “Integral” and “Premium” accounts.


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