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Forex No Deposit Bonus $100 and 200% Deposit Bonus – MFX Broker

Forex No Deposit Bonus $100 and 200% Deposit Bonus – MFX Broker

Forex No Deposit Bonus $100 and 200% Deposit Bonus. Any client who lost funds during trading pairs with the Swiss franc, and are not registered in MFX Broker, can get $100 of no-deposit bonus and additional 200% bonus for deposit.

Link: Forex No Deposit Bonus $100 and 200% Deposit Bonus

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  1. Avatar

    I have good experience with MFX. They have low spreads and good bonus 🙂

  2. Avatar

    They have good opinion in internet. I'm thinking about opening account there.

  3. Avatar

    They have intuitive trading platform. i'm think mfx is a good choice if you want to start your Forex experience.

  4. Avatar

    Good broker, helpful support, instant executuion and low spreads.

  5. Avatar

    I’m new in forex market, but basing on my experience, I can say that compared with FxPRo for example, MFX has better customer service and faster execution.

  6. Avatar

    For now i’m interested in small sums but at high leverage and i’m quite satisfied. This broker doesn’t get in your way and the service is professional. i’m considering getting a professional account there.

  7. Avatar

    Their offer seems very attractive. I have Forex Standard account. Minimal deposit 0 USD, Min. lot 0,01, Leverage 1:100 – 1:1000, execution is fast. They have intuitive trading platform. Good broker.

  8. Avatar

    They have intuitive trading platform, many type of accounts, instant executuion and low spreads. Right now i use forex micro account and i im quite satisfied.

  9. Avatar

    They have nice bonuses, their offer is attractive. They have intuitive trading platform and low spreads and i never had any problems using their services.

  10. Avatar

    Fast withdrawals, low deposits and good customer service – here is what makes MFX my broker of choice.Right now i have I have micro and normal account.

  11. Avatar

    For a few years i traded with FXCM broker, but i changed it because i had problems with their execution and high spreads. Now i trade with mfx and i’m quite satisfied: helpful support, instant execution and low spreads.

  12. Avatar

    Their mobile platform doesn’t get stuck. Support is available at all times, and I learned a lot from their materials on the website. What’s more they offer good conditions of trading.

  13. Avatar

    Recently i got a call from their consultant and the conditions they offer – spreads, leverage, platform, seem attractive. has anyone been trading with them and could share their opinion?

  14. Avatar

    They never sabotage my trades. Openned account 5 months ago and i earned about 1500 USD. Everything works perfect so far. Plus the service is very professional and helpful.

  15. Avatar

    Execution, quotes – ok. Withdrawal from MFX is very fast. Support is really good!Can’t say anything bad about this broker.

  16. Avatar

    I have been trading with MFX for 6 months and i have good experience with them.I use Forex Standard account and I don’t have any problem.

  17. Avatar

    Recently I came across this broker. Right now i use demo account. I read many good opinions about that broker. I’m considering to create account there.

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